UAE Saves Week 2012

UAE Saves Week 2012 was our first ever. We created it to empower people to start on the road to saving. It's all about the 'how to', and stating the obvious - that small, simple daily changes that we can all manage, do make a difference to our lives. The week was an e-event. We pushed out content and created calls to action. We wanted to experiment and learn. We discovered that you really liked doing simple things, such as packing lunch, but resisted having to think about say a bad habit that's taking money from your life, or regretting a silly purchase. We learned from you, and we've come across many in our community and beyond who learned from us. Long may it continue.

So, what did we do last year?

Savings Sunday

We had photos galore of your piggy banks and budget plans posted throughout the week! What did you buy? Nothing beats peace of mind...

Pack your lunch Monday

This was by far our most popular day! It seems we're all passionate about our food, and with a bit of planning, it can be yummy and light on the pocket too!

Kick bad habits Tuesday

Breaking bad habits is what UAE Saves Week is all about – and on this day we got to name and shame them – the first step towards eliminating them from your life!

Save energy Wednesday

Great sharing of ideas and information on this day! We had photos of utilities bills and what people did to keep consumption down, like tap attachments and what type of bulbs to buy, posted throughout the week. Small changes, smart choices.

Cash savvy kid Thursday

The money and kids conversation got parents on an emotional rollercoaster... Teaching your child how to handle money and have a great relationship with it is one of the best gifts you could ever give him or her.

Make a pledge Friday

Inspirational, personal pledges were made. We loved the family that came together and prioritised being mortgage free over many other pleasures. A real family, with strong bonds, shared experiences and life goals. What more could you ask for?

Silly things Saturday

Our heroes took a deep breath and uploaded their most cringe-worthy purchases. This is not something to be ignored when you come to know that 20% of your pay goes on silly spends!