Colin Lewis

Colin Lewis

Head of Behavioral Finance


"Money management is less about finance and more about behaviour. cashy approaches money management from the human perspective, cutting through the jargon and showing us how to turn negative, self-defeating traits into positive, affirming habits to help us create financial well-being and live our best life."

Colin's bio

Colin is a thought leader in understanding, developing and solving strategic financial issues. He has researched and written reports for international financial development organisations and Fortune 100 companies, and was part of the research committee for the banking and insurance initiatives Basel II and Solvency II. At the AXA Group, he was responsible for designing, developing, writing and rolling out instructions for financial product control testing and reported to the steering committee of the management board. He was previously chief executive of a listed company and director of a marine fuels broker, part owned by a consortium of BP, Shell, Texaco/Chevron, Lazard Brothers and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Colin's top tip
"In my early 20s a mentor told me not only commit Charles Dicken's immortal words to memory but to commit to living them: 'Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound nought and six, result misery.' How true those words are; unless we spend less than our income and save thebalance we will suffer."
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