Tamira Hamam

Tamira Hamam


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"Social media is a strange and wonderful beast. It seems that almost overnight huge multinational brands made the 'switch' from paper and televisual advertising to huge online marketing schemes; that's a powerful tool to work with. I enjoy being a part of something that is so adaptive and changeable with culture. It definitely keeps life interesting and keeps me on top of things! If there's a deal or tip or trick to help students save or get a little more bang for their buck - you can guarantee I'll be the first to jump on it for our users!"

Tamira's bio

Tamira graduated the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in 2010. Since then, she has been learning (quickly!) about how best to maximise her selling potential as a graduate, approach her career path with an entrepreneurial attitude and make more money through developing a subsidiary skill set. Tamira is still involved with the arts, but is concentrating on her writing career and is passionately interested and motivated to be involved in the ever-changing and evolving world of social media. She now writes articles for publication online and in print on a freelance basis, and builds the social media profile of Campus Cashy, cashy's sister site for students and other young people. It's an organisation close to her heart - and her current financial standing!

Tamira's top tip
"Someone once said to me: 'You're not a dog, you don't have to reward yourself with treats.' I think that's so important. There needs to be a shift in consciousness, particularly among younger generations, from thinking about immediate material gratification with our allowances to thinking about money as a foothold towards our future. Budgeting isn't about being a miser, it's about being wiser!"
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