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'Finance affects every single one of us - whether you're a city trader, a busy parent or the fun-loving singleton about town. At the end of the day, the way we manage our money has a direct impact upon everything else in our life. Our future, our children's future, our stress levels, our relationships and even our health all depend on how we treat our finances. It's very easy to live in the moment, get caught up in the spending expectations set by our friends and bury our heads in the sand when things get tough. That's why I think cashy is such an innovative and philanthropic concept. Not only does it tackle the important hows, whys and wheres of money but it also looks at our emotional relationship with cash and spending - and how we can be empowered to make the right choices.'

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T: 050 455 1840

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Joanna has worked as a journalist and editor in the UAE since 2000. Originally from the UK, she was a reporter for the Gulf News. She later worked on fashion and lifestyle titles including Hello, OK, Grazia, Dubai's Hot 100 and was deputy editor of Time Out Kids Dubai for four years. As a mother-of-three, she is well versed in the financial challenges required to survive, thrive and rear a family in the UAE.

Joanna 's top tip
Every three months, sit down and work out exactly what you are spending in relation to your income. Only then will you discover better ways to spend and save.
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