Manage your money, live your life... the cashy way!

Manage your money, live your life... the cashy way!
17 July 2010

AT LAST! It's taken nearly a year of planning, ripping things up and starting again... And now there's no going back – we're live!

cashy is still a long way from being the community that we plan and envisage it will become. But you know what? It's not about us – it's about what you do and how you use the site.

We will give you more of what you want and discuss, and less of what doesn't interest you. That's the beauty of the web. We can see what's going on, and react to it. So, the more you participate, the better we can cater to your needs, concerns and aspirations.

I believe we could all do with a bit of help when it comes to managing our finances. We work hard for our money, and have little time to make sure that our money works for us.

I realised that some needed more help than others when people started asking me whether they should skip the country because they were drowning in credit card debt. It's not my place to offer such advice, but with time, cashy will become a resource that'll help you, whatever your money issues.

When I started my cashy journey, the focus was on personal finance. We all want to grow our wealth, not lose it, and cashy is here to help us do that. Then I had an epiphany: It's not about money – it's about life!

We need money to live. But we need a life plan that allows us to follow our dreams. Some life plans involve a bigger house or educating our children. Other plans are to have six months off to travel the world – either to satisfy the adventurer in us, or so that we can spend time helping those less fortunate. Whatever your life plan, you can be sure that it'll constatnly change – at least the journey, even if the aim stays firm in your mind. You might fall in love and move continents, have children, get ill or become jobless when you least expect it. The global credit crunch and its aftermath certainly showed us that we can't 'bank' on anything...

So, what's important to you? What sort of life do you want to lead? And what are you doing about making it happen? What we do today impacts directly on what we can or will do in future.

cashy is not a get rich quick site. It's about how we can be better off today compared to yesterday if we simply change certain habits. But what are they, and do we have the discipline to stick with our decisions?

Folks, the onus is on each and every one of us to learn. Not just to be taught. What I mean is that we must all make a point of finding things out for ourselves. We all bear some responsibility if we're in a financial mess. But let's not wag fingers and make accusations. Let us learn from each other and look out for one another.

cashy is all about building a community that debates and discusses and helps the other out. Please post any questions you have to our q&a section, and if you have a comment or answer, please click on 'answer'. Also,  please do take the time to share any experiences you've had in our 'comment' section at the bottom of each article.

cashy can empower us all, but only if we use it and bring it to life. I look forward to welcoming you to our cashy community and learning from you. So now, let us get on with the important business of living our best life!

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  • aljarmi

    Cashy is definitely providing much needed information in this region about increasing awareness of people's rights and creating more financial literacy. Looking forward to lots of useful content.

  • DubaiRed

    Glad to see a new resource for the UAE and region that isn't only from the financial industry -- but looks for community input and debate.


    Are you familiar with Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover approach?  (  I've read his book and seen some of his videos on youtube; his approach isn't necessarily 100% applicable to the UAE, but I think he has some good suggestions. Check it out! 

  • nima

    Thanks for the tip DubaiRed! We will have our own moneymakovers online soon btw. So if you or anyone you know would like to take part, please email us. Our makeovers will be applicable and relevant to us as expats. Go on, take your next step towards 'financial peace'..!


  • Buddy

    Nima, first of all mabrouk for the launch. Second, I'm glad to see a completely new 360 resource to short, medium and longterm personal financial planning for the Middle East, away from the salesy and most of the times, pushy financial advisors' approach. Kudos.


    If I am to share my personal view, I would say the best way to start personal financial management, is to apply simple methods and tools borrowed from the corporate world. What makes a company profitable is managing it's costs. This is immediately transferable to personal finances as well. Track your costs and expenses and do your best to keep them under control and you will be setting the cornerstone for profitable personal financial management.


    Anyways, keep up the good work. Looking forward to what's to come.



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