cashy creator ponders feedback... and the future

cashy creator ponders feedback... and the future
02 September 2010

EVER heard of The Next Web? Well, it's an online community that boasts a whopping 765 thousand followers, and it has just published an article about cashy!

The point that cashy is simply about getting us to think about our lives, what's important to us, how to achieve our goals, and how money affects all of this seems to have been missed. Still, it's good to get the conversation going, and people clicking on cashy.

Why don't you read the article and comment?

Ultimately, we are trying our best to provide the kinds of stories that'll get us all thinking about where our lives are headed, and to learn from others' experiences. But without your comments and feedback, we won't know what you want more of, or what your money issues are. So please get logged on and get typing!

Remember, there's no such thing as failure... only feedback!

Now, yesterday evening over Iftar, the conversation turned to 'where are you going to retire'. It's a good point. Do you have a firm plan in your head? Or is it on a permanent back burner while you get on with the here-and-now?

Personally, I keep intending to sit and think about this with my husband. But somehow we never get beyond the fleeting 'we must think about this' stage... but it is important, and must be addressed. Not to say that what we want today won't change tomorrow, but i do believe that having a plan, a dream, a target, does put things into perspective and somehow tells us how we need to spend or save whatever money we have today.. plus, it means that all us expats will address the sometimes uncomfortable truth that we are mere guests in the host country.

If we don't create a life for ourselves elsewhere – perhaps a parallel community that we visit regularly (our 'other life') or making a point of really exploring the countries and communities we think  might be a 'good place to retire' – then, should we live to see the day, we'll be out of time, and the pressure will be on.

The alternative, of course, is to surround ourselves with family and friends and just tag along.

I do believe that it's people that make a place, so there's a lot to be said for the above. However, without investing time and effort, and, by default, money, we could be passing up on the opportunity to have our best life.

So, what are your retirement plans? Have you taken the plunge and bought a beautiful place in the sun? Or are you just leaving it to chance and the winds of opportunity? Tell us below!

As for me, I need to get started on those Spanish lessons I keep putting off, and continue to wonder about where we'll end up...

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  • rama

    Thanks for setting up cashy.. a great source of financial advice. Good luck!

  • MahaO

    Congratulations on creating cashy - it's a fantastic website that makes important financial matters more relevant to the public.

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