Lessons of Islamic Finance: an infograph

Lessons of Islamic Finance: an infograph
01 April 2012

AS ISLAMIC banks make up less than 1% of the global financial system it is almost impossible to live a life without being involved in conventional banking. Nevertheless, Islamic law, or Shari’ah, and the principles of it holds lessons that we could also learn from...


  • Colin

    Zamin, this is a fabulous infograph. These are lessons for all of us, Islamic or not. I will print it and keep it on my desk. Brilliant! With these principles it is not surprising that Islamic Finance and related products are growing so exponentially. This week the National Commercial Bank reported: "In 2011 alone, the Islamic finance industry grew by 24.4% to reach $ 1.084 trillion dollars, while the global Sukuk issuance increased by more than 60% up to 84.5 billion." Would love to hear from other cashy members about their experiences with Islamic finance...

  • Colin

    Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is the first UAE Islamic bank to launch in the UK?Take a look at this video and find out more

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