Fine(-ancially friendly) dining

Fine(-ancially friendly) dining
24 September 2012

EVERYONE wants a night off cooking once in a while, but the costs of eating out every weekend really start to add up. So what do we do when faced with a craving for cuisine in a cash crisis? Get creative!

There are plenty of ways to make a meal special without breaking the bank – and we’re here to inspire you.

Why not change your eating experience to a more all-inclusive affair? A group cookout is a fun, inexpensive way to enjoy a meal with friends and keep costs low.

Host a theme night! Cook a simple main meal in a big batch, like a chilli or vegetable lasagne, and ask everyone to contribute with either a small monetary donation to the chef, or by bringing a side dish or dessert. Spreading the cost and sharing a great night together = savings savvy.

Peeps, you’ll find all these great ideas and more at How to eat well and save well here on cashy.

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