One day into UAE Saves Week!

One day into UAE Saves Week!
24 September 2012

SO! UAE Saves Week got off to a superb start with all your support! Thank you.... for your photos, comments and encouragement. We have some fab looking money banks for Savings Sunday!
Can I please ask that you post comments and photos on – please.... it means that our community can share and support each other... so do you mind re-posting any comments or photos you've put out on facebook or via twitter to cashy's UAE Saves Week gallery? It'd mean the world to us.

Now! Are you geared up for today's goal? It's Pack your lunch Monday! Sure it means being organised, but think of all the spontaneous stuff you can do with the cash you save! Ehem – that's not to say you should be spending that cash.. but saving money doesn't need to mean being boring and not having fun. We simply need to decide what to spend our hard earned cash on.

This is what I'm having today :)

I look forward to seeing your yummy creations uploaded to our photo gallery :) nd share tips, recipes and costs.

Do please share a photo of what you're eating today even if you didn't pack it, and let us know what you're planning for your next packed lunch!

Happy saving :)



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