Change your fortune

Change your fortune
25 September 2012

I'd like to share the link to a comment Hassan left on cashy. His words bring to life exactly what every one of us should be doing, not only this week, but for ever: “(UAE Saves Week's) simple pledges and actions are doable and won’t change anything in your lifestyle, it only would change your fortune when you can buy this car or take this long overdue vacation and finally make (it) to Thailand. Go on change your fortune.”

Remember, the daily goals are about us thinking about what we want to spend our money on, and then doing things differently so that our money takes us further...

Thank you for taking part in Kick a Bad Habit Tuesday. It's interesting that our hard-core cashy champions struggled to come up with a bad habit they need to kick! Perhaps they need to ask their nearest and dearest for a few suggestions ;)

A little reminder of why we're doing this: We were shocked to learn that a quarter of the people who took part in our financial stress survey wouldn't be able to last for even one month should they lose their job.... so go on, boost your bank balance by kicking that bad habit. Turns out it is true – every little bit does count....


And in the words of Hassan, our cashy king for the day, go on, change your fortune.


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