Change and choice

Change and choice
26 September 2012

Today is Save Energy Wednesday so here's a reminder for you to please share a photo of what you're doing to save energy, the environment and your pocket!

I find that the cost of utilities is an eternal water cooler conversation these days... in fact, a friend just called and ended up talking about her DEWA bill (she didn't know it's Save Energy Wednesday tomorrow!)- it was AED 4,000 last month... Since then she's been switching lights and AC off when not needed and generally becoming very very conscious of the need to change her and her family's behaviour on the home front. She can't afford not to – she lost her husband last year and found that she had no option but to create an income to support herself and her two daughters. This evening she said that she hadn't realised the value of money before her loss. Food for thought for all of us.

So! Back to UAE Saves Week :) please do share photos of how you're reducing your energy bills and inspire others to do the same... It's not about making big changes - it's about making smart choices.


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