How to earn cash without getting a job

How to earn cash without getting a job
31 October 2012

WHY is it that, as students, we seem to be perpetually at the bottom of the fat cat hierarchy? Sure, we don’t make money and live off the livelihood of others, but does it really seem fair that we, eager scholars, are left to survive off meal deals and wither away in dingy kitchen-cum-bedrooms?

I may be exaggerating, but for those who are (most begrudgingly) living off student loans, a little extra spending money could help a lot.

Considering that most of us have neither the time nor expertise to hold down a well-paid job, there’s nothing wrong with finding a few ways around the system, however surreptitious those ways may be. cashy investigates…

Flog it!

Take advantage of our consumerist generation and sell old items on eBay. Have a look around your kitchen-cum-bedroom and you’re bound to find some old thing you no longer need that could be treasure to somebody else.

If you are some sort of self-confessed hoarder, you don’t always have to sell your own items. Going somewhere interesting on holiday? Buy and sell collector’s items or novelties that sell cheap in that country and expensive on the net.

Places like Japan sell novelty anime (short for cartoon animation) items, which are heavily sought after around the world; minimal input, maximum output.

Be a test subject

As students, our movements are more or less limited to home and school, and perhaps the odd after-hours bistro. But, seeing as how we hardly get out, make use of your university campus.

More likely than not, the psychology department at your school will be looking for students to run psychological tests on. As long as you haven’t signed yourself up as a subject to a drug trial, these tests shouldn’t be hazardous or time-consuming in the least.

If you’re living in London, UCL carries out dozens of psychology tests weekly. There are also clinical test websites that are always seeking healthy young people. Again, avoid drug trials and opt for psychological tests or sleep trials.

Be an extra

If you’ve always seen yourself as somewhat of a starlet, getting work as an extra on films or TV shows might be for you. You don’t have to be stick thin or have flawless skin because you are actually meant to look like a normal person.

Sites like and cater to actors and extras worldwide.

The hours are long and the pay isn’t exceptionally high, but you can always boast about catching a glimpse of Leonardo DiCaprio getting changed.

Be a survey junkie

It’s still possible to make a few bucks here and there even if you don’t leave the confines of your own room. Sign up to websites such as and and start taking online surveys. For each survey you take you are rewarded with points, which either turn into money or into vouchers that you can spend on Amazon.

Taking part in a focus group is also another option; those do pay more but are slightly more difficult to come across.

We can be a generation of lazy hermits who cringe at the thought of a 9-5 job, but there really is something for everyone, even for those of us who would rather stay in bed and communicate with the world virtually. Ditch the horrible boss – you’re self-employed now!

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