Click on to cash counting

Click on to cash counting
26 November 2012

LET'S be honest – with apps. Pinterest, Facebook ‘want’ buttons and one-click shopping, it has never been easier to spend online.

That’s why today, Cyber Monday, happens so shortly after the purchasing bonanza that is coined ‘Black Friday’ in the States. Cyber Monday, a one-day only sale special, encourages a boom in online shopping, with flash discounts and eye-grabbing holiday season sales that ride off the ‘high’ of the deal-driven Friday before.

Now, I love a good bargain as much as the next savvy shopper. But just because something is advertised as a ‘show-stopping steal’ on the internet, should we get click-happy?

With such a bountiful resource as the internet at our fingertips, it might be prudent to do a little more detective work into our purchases, with the help of some purse-friendly websites!

Firstly, it’s our old pal, Ebay. This is SUCH a great resource for still-in-package luxury beauty and gift items, and a great place to snatch up a bargain with the ‘Buy It Now’ button, if you can’t stand the anxiety of a bidding war!

Next, and it might surprise you – Google. Now with a smart applet feature (is it really any wonder?) that price compares products for you instantly when you search for an item. You’ll see a tab saying ‘Shopping results for’ and the term you searched, and beneath that you should see some handy-dandy links to websites which have the item available, listed by price lowest to highest.

Finally, joining up to deals sites can be tiresome and create spam – so I keep it simple. Martin’s Money Saving Tips. A weekly newsletter rounding up the best deals and laying out information in a simple, easy-to-digest manner – my idea of what a deals website SHOULD be.

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Hope these help and remember – informing yourself of all your options is the only TRUE way to get the best deals!


  • Colin

    This tagline will go in my life rule book - "informing yourself of all your options is the only TRUE way to get the best deals!" Thank YOU Tami. The tools we have available are incredible if we use them wisely -- Friends of mine use their smart phones to check out online reviews and compare prices. 

    Quartz has an interesting take on the future of retail... and it is weird

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