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05 December 2012

DURING times of dire financial straits we can all begin to feel like the pressure is really mounting on our shoulders. As the infograph below depicts, stress takes not just a mental toll on us, but is a physical exertion on our bodies also. cashy has some fool-proof techniques to get you through stressful times and help you begin to control behaviour patterns associated with anxiety.

Firstly and most importantly – pause. Trying to deal with a difficult situation whilst the everyday and other factors and influencers are going on around you will only lead to more panic. Take a moment for yourself and…

PLAN. Write down a manageable budget, cutting down unnecessary expenses, and share this with your family. You should not and cannot attempt to shoulder the burden of money management on your own, and it could be detrimental to your harmony as a household if your family members are not made aware of difficult situations financially.

By the same token, you must take responsibility for your family – have you been taking any of this stress out on them? Has the state of your finances encroached on their time with you? If the answer to either or both of these is yes, you need to identify the behaviour pattern and actively try to invest more in those you love. They will be your support and your encouragement during tough times.

Make use of what is available to you. Take a walk outside, plan family meals at home and movie nights in together. Being more budget-savvy does not always have to mean sacrificing fun!

And, ultimately, if you feel you cannot take on the mountain alone – GET HELP. There are plenty of qualified, able financial planners who can help you get back on your feet in with small, manageable target-setting courses of action.


The most important thing, cashy community, is taking control!

Have YOU ever suffered with money-related stress? How did you handle it? Share with cashy!


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