Get creative to prevent a weeping wallet this Christmas

Get creative to prevent a weeping wallet this Christmas
12 December 2012

'Tis the time to be jolly, and also the time to keep that bank account happy. With the emerging holiday season underlying financial setbacks are often easily forgotten. Christmas season means driving from store to store, looking for readymade branded presents, fancy gift wrapping, house decor, Christmas trees, and even prepared food.

In the heat of the moment, we tend to find it acceptable to overspend. After this season is over, a lot of us are left regretting our decision of overspending - but end up doing the same the following year!

Why not break the cycle this year with a little research and a lot of creativity?

Here are some things to remember that will not only ensure the safety of your budget, but will also get your creative juices flowing:

Ditch the pretty wrappers: Gift wrapping is just another way of spending extra on a present. Why not make a bag from recycled paper, or coloured craft paper? If you have children, make this crafty activity a great way of saving money while spending quality time with them.

Visit the thrift store: Remember that little thrift store you’ve always wanted to go to? Get out of the bustling mall, there isn’t a better time to explore! This is a good way of finding new places as well as getting presents and decor for the house at a cheaper rate, and sticking to that budget!

Check out Pinterest: The newly popular platform for sharing ideas and getting inspired makes it the perfect site to visit when looking for quick ideas - whether it's about cooking, events, house decor, or even making your own outfits.

Keep deadlines for buying presents: The power of having deadlines is quite underestimated. If you are working, go out to get presents during your lunch hour, or before meeting your friends for coffee or dinner. The deadline you set for yourself will keep you conscious about the time you have left to shop, hence preventing the possibility of wandering into shops and buying unnecessary items.

Switch lavish for cosy: Why bother overspending on a lavish party? Enjoy the cool weather this year by hosting a barbeque at the beach and have everyone bring some stuff for the grill? This way, you won’t only save money, but also create a laid-back, relaxed vibe for your friends to enjoy!

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How will YOU get creative this festive season? Tell cashy below!


  • tamirahamam

    What a great way to do festive on a budget Natasha! I've also been coming up with some crafty ideas for gifts for friends and family that aren't necessarily the most flamboyant - I found a great recipe for chocolate & hazlenut biscotti on YouTube here: Which makes an elegant and thoughtful gift - who doesn't love chocolate, right?

    Another HUGE resource I found (from Pinterest - I'm a believer!) was this 100 holiday cookie recipe page - an endless supply of cute holiday themed treats to put in a mason jar tied up with a bow using a strand of material of your choice - chic, personal and homemade!

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