Putting a 'prize' on road safety

Putting a 'prize' on road safety
24 December 2012

A RECENT article in The National announced a scheme in which drivers in the UAE with the least points on their licence will be rewarded with prizes to a minimum value of AED 500, with one lucky recipient winning… yep, you got it - a brand new car, to reward them for their good practice on the roads. Does anyone else think this seems a little excessive or, dare we say it, showy?

Now, it is no secret that the UAE, in particular Dubai, contains some dangerous drivers. Roads such as Emirates Road and Sheikh Zayed Road have contributed to roads in the Emirates being named amongst the most deadly in the world, in 2009. Indeed, another campaign was launched at the beginning of the year fining dangerous drivers more heavily, which appeared to be working. The number of fatalities on Dubai roads certainly dropped. Still, perhaps the logic behind these rewards is to encourage positive behaviour rather than heavily punish the bad.

But do we really need prizes to keep us motivated to be safer drivers? It seems a little ‘monkey see, monkey do’. And such an initiative begs the question: will reward motivation even affect the decisions of those dangerous drivers? Indeed, just days before writing this article, news has been released of 330 traffic accidents occurring over 7 hours due to careless driving in heavy rain. Will rewarding the careful, conscious drivers that have always been aware on the roads really ever detract from those who act thoughtlessly behind the wheel?

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LET'S hear your views cashy! Let us know what you think of the new initiative below! Would you like to receive ‘rewards’ for your good driving?


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