Investing in YOU!

Investing in YOU!
06 February 2013

COMMUNITY members, we hope you know by now how much we value you. We value your stories, we listen to your advice and we work tirelessly behind-the-scenes to make cashy the most useful community it can be.

We’ve made it very clear that 2013 is our year of financial empowerment, and at the beginning of the year we made a pledge – a pledge to make this site the best it could be and to deliver the most up-to-the-minute, practical financial advice we could. In the interest of delivering you the best content in the most usable way – making it easy to apply simple lessons to your daily life – we’re ringing in a couple of changes here at cashy!

The switch-up!

The first, as you might have noticed from our homepage, is the new Daily Personal Finance Insight. This is a bite-sized round-up of everything finance-related on a day-to-day basis from Sunday to Thursday.

The second change is what we’re most excited about. Instead of just giving you longer articles from our industry contributors (which we'll still bring you!), we’re focusing on weekly ‘lessons’. A stream of information starting on Sunday, with follow-up articles on Tuesdays and a culminating round-up on Thursdays. As a part of our ‘how tos’ we’ll also be attaching a ‘take away’ element to Thursdays articles, so be sure to check them out! Budget planning sheets, handy infographs, checklists – easy, downloadable, printable content to help you ACTION the advice we’re giving.

As always there will be the opportunity for discussion, but more focused to grant you the forum for questions and answers – with our targeted weeks, there will be a set time to ask your property questions, ask about investment, the best debt-busting ideas, with profiles on our industry contacts best positioned to answer them.

So we’re asking you now to move forward with us! Hopefully you’re as excited as we are about the future of and what’s to come in 2013. All that remains is for us to wish you an empowered year and a long, profitable journey ahead with us.

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