Every little counts!

Every little counts!
24 February 2013

THIS week on cashy.me we are focusing on the wide world of INCREMENTAL INCOME – from taking your first steps as a freelancer to picking up a few tips towards extra cash. A feature to look out for will be our ’10 steps to extra income’ article on Tuesday, as well as an article from cashy contributor and collectibles specialist Thomas Kelly on how to make a profitable investment in collectibles on a budget.

In an ever-changing economy, now more than ever people are looking to alternative income streams to safeguard their finances against a tumultuous market in full-time employment. Whether you are looking to the future or simply trying to generate a little extra cash for your household, we’ve got some great tips and advice in store for you this week.

To start, let’s cast our minds back to an inspiring feature about Khaled Termanini and his journey towards setting up his own photography business. Or this compelling story about one Dubai resident who refused to let redundancy mean the end of her career.

Pic credit: freedigitalphotos.net

ARE YOU looking to supplement your income or branch out alone? Do you have any questions for us here at cashy? Ask us below or tweet us @cashyme


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