Bills, budgets and book lists

Bills, budgets and book lists
14 March 2013

FINANCIAL freedom abounds, and hopefully throughout this week we’ve given you some top tips on how to make the first steps a little easier. For those needing a little extra reminder, peep these top tips for your university-ready checklist below:

Build a budget: Remember to include any possible bills, food and leisure expenses, and fees for course materials.

… But have a failsafe: Whether you are providing a monthly allowance or you’re planning to eke out a student loan, always have an ‘emergency fund’ on stand-by… just in case.

Don’t forget the ‘extras’: You’ll need basic household supplies when you move into your new dorm or shared accommodation. Include those in your initial budget or expenses plan for the first month.

Cross the t’s and dot the I’s: Register with a doctor, dentist and ensure you have an ‘In case of emergency’ contact. Remember to bring all of your important documents (health insurance, driving liscence, passport), paperwork and medical history with you, and keep these in a safe place.

Encourage a part-time job: It doesn’t hurt to gain a little more financial independence, and employers are always impressed when a young person manages to juggle studies and the responsibility of employment as well – it’s a CV plus!

Open a Student account: With NO credit card and a suitable overdraft – just avoid the temptation!

Get to know the surroundings: Find out where Pastoral Care is, get to know the lecture buildings and the neighbourhood, spend a few days orientating with your loved one to make sure they feel confident and comfortable navigating to the grocery store, to banks, to lectures etc.

Relax: Parting with loved ones and letting your young ones ‘fly the coop’ is always a difficult step to take, but it’s a very, very necessary one. Although the transition will take some time to get used to, this is amongst the most important and liberating changes a young adult can go through – celebrate it!

We hope you’ve enjoyed Student Week here on cashy and that our tips have alleviated some of the stress associated with this time of transition.

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