Apple, savings strategies and sliding salaries

Apple, savings strategies and sliding salaries
27 May 2013

Retro Apple

If you have a dusty, long-forgotton PC or Apple from way back in the seventies or eighties now’s the time to dig it out. Collectors, it seems, are paying serious bucks for these retro items, as seen recently when an original Apple 1 from 1976 – which is thought to be only one of six in existence still working – sold for a whopping $650,000 to a buyer in Asia. The unit was one of the first built by the founders of Apple (Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak) and the motherboard was signed by Wozniak. It’s definitely worth having a clear-out if you have that kind of junk in your attic. Read more here.

Stashing the cash

When it comes to saving s strategies, there is a huge cultural divide, with non-resident Indians managing to save a huge 70% of their incomes, a new study by Standard Life shows. The data, which looked at the incomes and spending of 300 NRI’s, showed that the trend is to put away a large amount of your income and live frugally as an expat. Interestingly, 44% said they relied on family advice when it came to saving, or financial advisers within their community. Only 10% turned to non NRI’s for financial guidance. The study does prove that it’s possible to put away a decent nest egg while you’re here – which is great news! For more, read here.

Salary slide

More than half of UAE residents are finding themselves strapped for cash as a rise in  living expenses has not been matched by salary incriments, a new survey has found. The study, carried out by Bayt, showed that 53% of residents believed the cost of living had risen by 15%, while 67% felt they were underpaid when compared to their industry peers. Other data shows that a large majority of dissatisfied workers were looking for more jobs with better prospects, and that employers are not making sure salaries are keeping up with the rising inflation. Find out more.




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