Five ways to make money in your pyjamas

Five ways to make money in your pyjamas
03 June 2013

Not literally of course. It’s a turn of phrase. But you can certainly supplement your income by being creative and using your time wisely outside conventional work hours. Multiple streams of income can be very helpful in terms of providing revenue that can be either invested or saved.

Start a blog  If you have something interesting to say and are prepared to put the work in, there’s no reason why your blog shouldn’t begin to generate funds through advertising at some point. Tips to get good hits include: Blogging regularly, at least once a week but preferably daily. Link up with other blogs and social media sites to increase your hits. Make your blog visually pleasing with images, video and a professional-looking layout. Invest in your own domain name.

Trade on Ebay If you have an eye for desirable goods and a ready supplier, you can make an additional income by selling items on Ebay. You can maximize your sales and profits by maintaining a practical outlook. Good photographs sell a product well, as does a comprehensive description. Make sure the items you choose are light and easy to post, otherwise this will impact on your profits. Small items like sunglasses, watches, novelty stationary, smart phone and iPad covers as well as gadgets (spy pens/voice recorders/mini clip-on flashlights etc), are all good options.  

Freelance If your day job requires you to have a specific skill (writing, designing, consulting, photography etc) there’s no reason why you shouldn’t apply that outside your job to make an additional income. While moonlighting is frowned upon by most companies, it happens to be a necessity for some households, especially if your salary (like many in the UAE) has not risen to meet inflation and rising living costs. Freelancing can also be a great way to network and find better ‘day job’ opportunities too. Websites like, and offer a good source of work opportunities too.

Write a book While we’re not suggesting you’ll become a Pulitzer Prize winner overnight, an additional income can certainly be made from a well-written e-book – especially if you take the time to market it. Gone are the days when authors were totally beholden to large publishing houses and agents. Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Sony Reader stores and more, ensure your book has a reasonable chance of being sold, particularly if you also promote it well via social media. Of course, writing a book takes a large time-investment, but if you have something interesting to say, and you wanted to write one anyway, why not have a go?  

Turn your hobby into a business The beauty of this is that you’ll be doing something you love – be it making fancy cupcakes and homemade bunting, or selling your own artwork. All you need is a good website, a delivery service and some awareness of social media marketing. Your business can be as busy, or as limited as you want it to be. But be warned, a venture like this usually ends up turning into a full time job, requiring dedication in the beginning to get off the ground – especially if you are trying to fit it in around work hours.

Have you made an additional income by working from home? If so, we’d like to hear from you.


  • nima

    I know a cameraman who earns 11k AED/ month (about 3k USD) but has managed to save 80k AED cash in each of his 2 children's accounts. How? By saving money for a camera, buying it, hiring it out, doing the same again. He has a thriving business on the side & still has his 11k day job. Bravo! You can live differently if you put your mind to it, and your behaviour too.

  • katohussein

    madam nina how does he do it. co buying it is not a problem but to who are u going to hire it to thanks

  • nima

    Well, he works in the industry and has on the ground information. I'm sure he is willing to accommodate last minute emergencies and situations, be available when people need him and generally be as helpful and available as possible. And I'm sure he's a very dedicated and conscientious and dependable person. Reputation and attitude are key.

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