Social media and expat mortgages

Social media and expat mortgages
05 June 2013

Pinterest pundits

The latest social media hotcake, Pinterest, has upgraded its sharing capabilities, making it easier for users to view information on favourite pinned pictures. The platform has been criticized in the past for only giving image teasers of products and ideas, and making users click through to original sites to find out more. Now, Pinterest has partnered with a number of brands to build more description into pins. There will also be different categories of pins, ranging from product pins, movie pins and even recipe pins. The move means less click-throughs and more activity on Pinterest itself. We’re not sure how that will be good for corporate users, as it could mean they will lose out on traffic from the site. Read more here. 

Facebook scam not taken seriously

Facebook has come under fire for failing to deal with a virus that has the ability to empty people’s bank accounts, reports the New York Times. The virus, which is spread via phishing (when your account has been phished it will automatically send messages or links to large numbers of friends). If you click on the link, the virus, called Zeus, will remain dormant on your computer until you access your bank account. ‘It will then steal your password and drain your account’ the report states. Zeus is classified as a Trojan virus, and because it lies dormant, it’s difficult to detect until something happens. Despite it having been around since 2007, and spread mainly by Facebook, the social media platform has done little to eradicate it. Read more here.

New expat mortgages for UK property

Property owners interested in investing in a second UK abode for buy-to-let purposes, can now take out a mortgage with the building society Kent Reliance. The new mortgages are aimed specifically at expats who already have at least one property in the UK. It has been very difficult for expats to secure housing loans in recent years particularly, as British banks and bulding societies have pulled back on offering expat packagers, on the basis that these kinds of  lending arrangements are riskier. However, there has been a demand surge in the last few months from eager expat buyers who already have a buy-to-let track record, which makes them a safer bet. To qualify, borrowers must already own a property in London or the South East, and pass all the usual credit checks and pay a two percent fee. For more, read on.



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