More families stick around for the summer

More families stick around for the summer
24 June 2013

According to a recent poll by Time Out Dubai, more children than ever before will be staying in Dubai over the long summer holidays. The data, collected over three weeks via an online poll shows that only 25% of respondents will be taking off to cooler climes with their kids for the entire summer.  And an even smaller 21% said they’d be away for a few days, while a massive 50% stated that they’d be sticking out summer in Dubai for the whole season. This figure is higher than in recent years.

A separate poll by cashy also suggests that the vast majority of summer leavers (54% of respondents) have actually worked hard to ensure they don’t have to put up with the blistering heat, and have saved money to make sure they can get away.

Traditionally a low-cost time of year because of the annual exodus, UAE residents have typically been able to make the most of discounts at hotels and beach clubs, water parks, play centres and more. And it seems cost is a major factor in whether families decide to decamp for the summer.

Mum-of-two, Anne Bonnadrini, will leave the UAE for the entire summer season with her daughters Mia and Olivia. She says; ‘The expense of going home depends on your individual situation, but certainly it can be more expensive. If you factor in accommodation costs and things like car hire, the bills can rack up very quickly. I’m lucky because I stay with my parents who have a very large house and are happy to accommodate us all. I also don’t plan to hire a car for several weeks because frankly, I’m happy to take a break from driving after all the running around I do here.’

Amanda Cohen, who’s seven-year-old son Jamie will attend summer camps for part of the vacation, still believes staying in Dubai can be a lot cheaper than flying home. ‘A good average summer camp can cost between AED600-750 per week. If you have one child, that’s very doable, as six weeks in summer camp costs about the same as a flight home. However, once you have two or more children, it does get a lot more expensive. Even so, I still think it works out much cheaper than flying several children back home, car hire, and all the activities you’d then have to factor in on top of that.’

What’s your opinion on summer camps? Are they worth sticking around for? Tell us what you think.


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