Live a financially secure and enjoyable life

Live a financially secure and enjoyable life
27 September 2013

Mojo PR, the fantastic publicity team behind UAE Saves Week, talks the best (free!) weekend spots in town, and the pitfalls of having an office next to Dubai Mall…

We love to support our community – not only through our work on cashy, but also by getting involved with local businesses and making them aware of our message and our cause. When we reached out to Mojo PR about working the campaign for UAE Saves Week, they were only too delighted to help. So we decided we’d use this ‘meeting of minds’ to gossip about their best money saving advice too! Team cashy, meets Team Mojo!

We're so delighted to have Mojo PR supporting UAE Saves Week. What drew your team to working with

Mojo PR selects one or two community initiatives or events to support every year.  UAE Saves Week is a valuable contribution to helping residents of the country in which we work and live.  We are in the job of communicating so are hoping to amplify the messages and drive engagement on the social media sites.  We want Dubai to pull together to create a community of financially healthy and secure individuals, families and businesses.

Why is the message of UAE Saves Week important to the team at Mojo? 

Helping people is a core element in our work – whether educating, supporting or getting an important message out to the world at large.  Each one of us in the Mojo PR team wants to live a financially secure and enjoyable life and we’re learning how to just by being involved in the project.

Let's talk tips - where do team Mojo like to spend a day cheaply or free in the UAE?

We have members of the team who hit the beach every morning – what better (and free) way to start the day? Some of us go to the park, or cycle on the increasingly great tracks around the UAE. Many of us love nothing more than visiting the art galleries around town - Al Serkal Avenue especially!  We have desert campers in the crew too.  Bastakia is a favourite haunt for a couple of us.  Open air yoga in the parks is very reasonable, and is often organised to support a charity. At Kite Surf Beach you can rent paddleboards free!

What are some of the best pieces of money advice the team at Mojo could give our community members?

One of our team members only uses her credit card for items that can ONLY be paid for by credit card – online purchases like hotels, flights etc.   

Always pay the full amount owing on your credit card at the end of each month.

Don’t confuse saving money with spending less, as in “I save money when I buy things on sale” - you’re not saving at all, you’re just spending less. Saving money means that you actually put money into a safe place for some future time. 

We’ve all taken the time to calculate how much we earn per day – it makes a big difference to how you approach what you have to spend.

When your team need to budget, where's the first place they cut back?

Takeaway coffee, manicures, facials and massages, going out for dinner, brunches and we take the metro!

What are some of your biggest vices in terms of your spending as a team?

Nice lunches! Being located right next to the Dubai Mall means we are often tempted to try out a new place for lunch every day. This practice is obviously eating into our lunch budgets so we are hoping to encourage the team to bring in a home-cooked lunch at least once a week (a great time to try Pack Your Lunch Monday guys! – Ed).

How do you guys plan on getting involved with UAE Saves Week?

We are running the PR campaign for UAE Saves Week so we hope to spread the word on ‘saving’ through the media.  The team is also going to be actively participating in each of the day’s themes!

And most importantly - will you guys join us again next year?!

We sure will…

Join Team Mojo and upload a picture of you taking the Metro, packing your own lunch, or visiting one of the free beaches in the UAE to our UAE Saves Week gallery!


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