Fil Wise, Dirham Foolish

Want  to do so many things with my limited income...hmpf, I absolutely love my job, only hardly pays. 

So, what's the use of cribbing about stuff I can't change; instead, let's work with it, I tell myself..only, its not so easy.

Loads of friends, super-active social life (lunches/dinners/drinks/movies), takeaways, caffeine addiction, yoga after work, shopping, side-effects of a recent divorce (getting a new apartment, furniture, paying the bills) credit card bill groans at the end/beginning of each month!!

Yes, I was a HUGE spendthrift earlier on (spolit brat!), but did manage to get it under check gradually after years of patience with myself, had quite a bit of savings as well...lent to my ex-so, that's obviously not coming back; need to start again now. 


Writing down everything in detail on the makeover sheet somehow made it seem so real...good God, I have lots to pay back; thank goodness not to banks etc- but to my parents: my number 1 financial priority right now.

It's not that I'am reckless all the way, I'am not...but maybe that's not enough; need to take bigger steps now- a little nervous, but hopeful as well.

Stay tuned!



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On Thursday, 12 September 2013 at 12:13 p.m.
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