Action to facing a Debt-Crisis

The key factor to firstly facing a Debt-Crisis to enable activating your Recovery Plan and then finally learning how to live within your means, is taking Reponsibility, accepting who you are and loving yourself, then finally facing this fear by taking the bull by the horns, because it is a proven factor that fear almost never exists, it is just an emotional state in our minds due to our situation.

My experiences are shared here today from a personal perspective, having gone through the pains, learning the discipline and being exposed to many emotional situations that I was forced to face and pull through and I did.

I wrote 2 books on the subject to encourage those in the UAE to take the same action, because it only costs self-discipline and as you progress, it becomes a way of life for you because you start to feel better, gain your confidence, your home and work life improves and so do your relationships. These are all areas of our lives heavily affected in a negative way, has a huge impact on our daily lives where we simply 'exist' because we feel that there will never be a light at the end of our tunnel.

I am here today to tell you that THERE IS ALWAYS LIGHT AT THE END OF ANY TUNNEL, but taking no action, making no sacrifices and not being committed and sincere, is not going to start the transformation that you seek, not give you peace of mind and so there will be no change.

Wayne Dyer quoted: "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" and it is very true.

Facing a Debt-Crisis or being in financial difficulty, affects your entire being because you simply cannot function and I know, I have been there so nothing you tell me can make me change my mind.

What do we yearn for in this life? I will tell you - Peace of mind, happiness, good family relationships, a good social circle and life, money to spend with the knowledge that we have made provision and have a 'safety net of funds' when we need it. But how many of us are in this situation? Hardly many of us and the reason is we are spending money we have not yet earned, money we don't have. Nobody said debt was bad, but if you are uncontrollable and unable to manage it, then yes it is a dire situation.

Effective Money-Management is key to your life and wellbeing and the first key to Recovery is learning to eliminate the fear you face today, where there are home-grown tools you can use at home that cost you zero. Once you have achieved this state of mind, then you can start your plan of action to eliminate your debt and everything positive is natural progression and state that you will beging to experience.

How can I say that? Because the Law of the Universe works this way; if you say 'I don't have enough, I am not well, I am doomed or nothing works for me' then that is what you will attract in your life.

We also need to start being Grateful for what we have, even if you are living in a small room, it's your room, your roof over your head, your comfort zone and you have food to eat, then be Grateful so MORE can come your way.

We are so prone to relentlessly start complaining non-stop when there are people in this world that have less than you, hoping to have what you have.

This is the starting point of effective Money-Management, Wellbeing and the life we dream of.........


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