Attracting the right people and situations

UAE Saves Week is one of the most excellent initiatives I have seen in the UAE for a very long time.

Saving does not mean being frugal, it only indicates your necessity and determination to enjoy a quality life in the future, whilst your needs are met at this time. I believe this week will give you much encouragement in all facets of your life.

When you are determined to save and seriously make provision for your life in the future, then you are not only applying the most sensible principles to your life, but you are also 'Paying it Forward' for upcoming Generations, leading by example and that my dear friends, is the best Legacy Gift anyone can give.

Money comes and goes, it is merely a Tool for our existence but learning how to effectively apply it to serve us best, is the secret many must still learn and master in their lives. Being flashy in the now, will not serve you if you are spending money from credit cards or loans, because by the same good faith that it was afforded to you by the Institutions, it is your moral obligation to return it.

My global experience always proved to me that this is the hard part, repaying the credit, because we forgot the good times when we were on a spending spree and inevitably blame the banks for relentlessly persuing us.

However the bank is not our enemy, we are and until we realise this, we can then take control over our lives. We should read the fine-print before signing so we know there is no limit to interest and other late charges, when we do not meet our committments. We do not have to live frugally, but we need to take heed of our spending habits as it affects our life now and in the long-term.

In life, when we lose it all, we lose our 'flashy friends' too because nobody wants to be associated with what they term 'a loser' and no matter what your excuse or your story, it is not taken in the same light as you project it. People are generally judgemental and so they may take your calls in the beginning, but later they won't be there at all during the hard times. We know this, many of us have experienced these emotional pains and disappointments, but guess what?

It is a part of life, part of realisation that we should come to terms that at the end, we are the captain of our own ship, we dicated our course in life and so we should set that compass in the right direction because most of the time, we stand alone.

So when you found yourself on this site, on this page and reading this right now, know that this is message for you if you are in this sitation and need to make drastic changes in your life.

Loving yourself first, then the other is the ULTIMATE KEY IN LIFE!


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