Getting value

Thought I would share a couple of experiences:

1) I sold my car and cancelled my car insurance 2 month before the renewal was due. I was surprised that the refundable amount was almost zero. I challenged this well known international insurance company stating that I was entitled to 2 months insurance refund. They directed me to my policy stating that there was a cancellation charge defined as a 'small nominal fee'. Obviously "nominal" is a matter of opinion - I stated that 2 months insurance could not be considered "nominal". After threats to report them to 'Dubai consumer rights' I was paid the full amount and rightly so.

2) I have a mortgage with a well known international bank - their terms and conditions state that the daily interest rate for my mortgage is calculated using 360 days in a year! It then charges me interest based on 365 days in a year. I cannot logically understand why they use 360 days in a year to calculate my interest other than for pure profit.

I argue absolutely every single charge on my accounts and usually find that the charges are wrong or cannot be explained....In 2012 I saved just short of 8,000AED on challenging all sorts of costs from credit cards to insurance..


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On Friday, 20 September 2013 at 5:25 p.m.
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