Save money: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle your mobile phone!

This weekend I was about to chuck my cell phone in the trash: it would not charge and the screen was just blank. But this phone is just a year old... why should I throw it? I went to 3 different shops asking to replace the battery and they all told me that it was out of stock and it would not be back. Apparently my only solution wa sto buy a new phone.

But unexpectedly, one of the sales representatives told me that just a few metres away, in the same mall, I could find a place that could help: CelFixx

In 15 minutes my phone was back to life: they had the battery I needed and they did an upgrade of the software. My phone was as new!

I saved myself 1500aed this weekend, just REUSING.

It is clear that the market wants you to buy new phones and this is the reason why they stop selling accessories and parts, but we should always try to fix our electronics before choosing to buy a new one...

An old cell phone has plenty of worthwhile uses, ones that don’t result in the phone winding up in a landfill somewhere, wasting space and leeching chemicals into the environment! Even better, many uses for a cell phone can save you money.

Recycle It
If you’re really thinking of just tossing that cell phone in the trash, at least think of recycling it instead.

The easiest place to do it is at your cell phone store or at a large electronics store – most stores like this have a bin available where you can just drop in your old cell phone for recycling, ensuring that the chemicals don’t get into the mix.


Sell It
You can also sell your old cell phone if you have a local phone reseller who buys old phones – check the yellow pages to see if any are near you. Obviously, the price depends on the model.


Donate It
My preferred option, if you’re simply looking to get rid of the phone, is to donate it to an organization that can put it to good use.


Think Outside the Box
There are also many personal uses for old cell phones. Here are four ways you can actually reuse that outdated piece of equipment.

Use it as a 911 phone. Charge it up, turn it off, and stick the phone (along with the old charger) in your glove box. Then, if you’re ever in an accident or other emergency, you can pull the phone from your glove box, flip it on, and use it to dial 911. This will work because all cell phones are required to allow you to dial 911, even without an active service plan to the phone.

Give it to a child to use as a toy. One of my two year old son’s favorite toys for many months was an old Nokia flip phone with the SIM card removed. He’d open it up, turn it on, and play with it, pretending to talk to Grandma and so on. We didn’t charge it at all – he would use it quite happily without power.


What’s the message here? Don’t throw an old cell phone away. There’s still value in it yet, whether it’s in terms of direct compensation by selling it, additional value by reusing it, or social worth by finding a good cause to give the phone to.


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