Pack Your Lunch with the Entertainer

Today's theme - Pack Your Lunch Monday - was brought to life at the Entertainer with a "friendly" inter-departmental competition.  Each department participated by encouraging all members to bring their lunch, with extra points going to any department who got creative in their group meal activities. 

All of our staff members participated - there was not a take out container or delivery receipt in sight.  Some of our departments created feasts!

All departments were judged on the same criteria - how much money was spent overall and per person, and then extra points were given for creativity.  The daily score will then be tallied up and combined with scores for competitions relating to tomorrow and Wednesday's themes, with the winning department announced on Thursday.




  • Colin

    THis is superb Liz, and thank you for posting the photos in the UAE Gallery - it looks delicious and people really seem to be communicating. 

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On Monday, 23 September 2013 at 5:33 p.m.