Why eat alone? Organize an office lunch with your colleagues!

Ok, so today is all about packing our lunch to go to the office... but why not pack it for all our friends/colleagues?

In our office we are about 10 people (more or less, depending on who is out for meetings or school runs...) and we are all from different countries: Spain, Italy, Germany, India, South Africa, France, Lebanon, Palestine....so why not make the best of it?

Our Operations Manager, Shilpa, had a great idea: every monday each one of us will cook for the others some typical food from their home country!



Great idea that was implemented and innaugurated today in the UAE Saves Week occasion: Shilpa cooked delicious vegetarian Indian food, all home cooked and specially made to be taken to the office.

We used our biodegradable plates, bowls and spoons, sharing a very nice moment all together. We, of course, washed everything with our ecofriendly dish soap!! We never forget to save the planet when possible :-)




So our tip today is yes, pack your lunch when going to the office, you will save money, but also share it with the people you spend so much time with everyday!


BTW, next week is my turn: Italian!! Anyone who wants to join?!?!? :-)


  • MyCustardPie

    Fantastic idea. The diversity of the UAE is something to celebrate.

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