Savings Saved ME

Being in the forum for the UAE Saves Week, I could see the major difference. People here talk about in thousands. They are into big business. May be I am not. But the scenario is about savings. Whether big or small, Savings is Savings.

Watching Anita’s Money makeover video, I was surprised about how peer pressure could discourage savings saying 33 is an early age to start. I am just 23. It’s all about the perception of each individual. “It’s never too late – never too late to start over, never too late to be happy.”

My Story,

I came to UAE 2 years ago with my husband. Everything was so new. It was totally a new world away from my hometown. It was the fascination of the new city that I was carried away by eating out, giving my wardrobe a makeover, the brands, the malls and the new life. I never thought about savings.

One Day, I read about an expat's suicide news. It touched me too much. How could people end lives so easily?? It was DEBT, MONEY MISMANAGEMENT and finally END OF LIFE.

I could never imagine myself or my partner into that situation. Then I thought, I need to do something. I needed a PLAN.

Then I took up the responsibility of managing money. I started writing down each and every expense. Then I made a list of all the expenses which were really necessary and which were not. I wanted to SAVE.  

I started it right away. First of all, I urged my husband to clear all the outstanding debts. Then sorted out the expenses of the basic necessities and the remaining were to save. I started with a target. I saved 500 DHS out of my husband’s 4000Dhs salary. It was difficult but I would try to make it up. I used to practice my mind to think that the salary was just 3500 Dhs. I implemented all the simple saving techniques which saved me the money and gave me sense of relaxation and happiness.

It is not to become a miser to save. It is all about the difference in what I want and what I need.

The process was good until I woke up to the day when my husband lost the job due to emiratisation as he was working for government sector. So, the income stopped. But, Guess what???  I was not in a disaster as I had saved for a rainy day. I had a backup. I managed about two months and still managing the expenses without income. I didn’t have to expect someone’s help. I am confident about starting a new life again.  It was all the fruits of savings.

Concluding, Savings will definitely SAVE you. It’s all about disciplining our mind towards that.  



  • nima

    Hi Tasneem, 

    Congrats for winning during UAESW 2013. What a great post. Would love to know how you progress. 

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On Saturday, 28 September 2013 at 12:07 a.m.
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