The Credit Card Nightmare

I was at work today when our office boy came up to me and told me there was someone who wanted to see me, I looked up to see a man I've never seen before. He tells me that he is from BANK A and came to collect my payment. I was shocked and almost dropped!

I politely told him let us go downstairs to the lobby and discuss this matter. While we were seated, I asked him why he came all the way to my office and inside my office without notifying me. He said that this is because I have missed 2 months of my credit payment and I am not keeping my promise to them. 

Now, I am in a terrible credit card debt mess and its only my fault. But I have never ever, ignored calls, been rude nor told the bank that I wont pay. However, I speak to them politely and ask them to give me time. He said they cant give me anymore time, he actually had the audacity to tell me - "didnt you get your salary as yet?". Yes, I did get my salary but after my loan deduction my salary has been deducted too as I was on vacation and took an advanced salary which was deducted this month and has put me into an even more critical situation. He also had the nerve to ask me, if I had family or friends and to tell them to loan me the money. He then told me he is giving me till tomorrow 2:00pm to pay amount XYZ or else they will send a letter to my HR.


I need to know if this is allowed as per Central Bank law in regards to consumer privacy?

Well apart from my terrifying situation today, I am in a mess with credit card payments. I have created the whole mess for myself. My salary is not rocket high, but it is not bad. I dont have lots of expenses at home hence should I have been much wiser I would of had a huge savings and enough cash for myself. But I got myself into a terrible trap.

After my loan deductions, I actually have enough money for myself and to pay even two cards but with all my cards I have no money for myself. I select card ABCD to make payment for one month EFG for the second month. And now I cant handle it anymore. To make it even worse my job is depressing me and Im suppose to be looking for a new job, but with all this, I cant even focus one bit!

I took loans to help pay my cards and ended up not knowing how to manage the payment because I decided to keep this as my secret that I shared with absoultely noone and now its just eaten me up alive. Ive always been the one who helps others and reaches out to support my family and friends but now I am in a mes myself which I feel so hard to share. I recently decided to open up to a friend, which was actually the best thing Ive done. 

I want to end this nightmare, I approaced Bank B today and asked them to give me an installment plan, the lady said that OK. BUT she also told me that if I opt for an installment plan - my name will be blacklisted with Central Bank and I will not only be able to take a loan but I will not be able to open even a current/salary account. 

How true is this? 

I want to end this nightmare, I get bad dreams and get scared of those nasty horrible calls. I cant handle them anymore! They drain me and make me feel sick. And most importantly I need to take control of my finances, find a solution, fix it and be financially free.


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On Sunday, 29 September 2013 at 3:30 p.m.
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