I'm hoping saving won't be as hard as nails

I work for 7DAYS newspaper in the UAE and in our office we've collectively all been trying to do our bit for UAE Saves Week. 

Some of my colleagues are giving up takeaways and taxis to save cash. Transport and food are both a necessity of daily life.

I decided to give up a little luxury which until I moved to the UAE never indulged in and when I thought about it, is not so 'little' as I actually can spend up to Dhs800 a month when you add it all up.

I’m ditching manicures and pedicures for a month. Before I moved here I'd never been to a salon for a mani and pedi but with the price of such treatments being so cheap compared to England it quickly became a little ritual of mine to visit a salon once a week.

Despite often using discount cards and 2 for 1 coupons for treatments, the price still mounts up especially when you think you’ll just add a little back massage or paraffin treatment into the mix. 

I think I usually spend around Dhs150 -Dhs200 a week which I never thought breaks the bank but if you think about it over a month, and then a year, it all adds up... and then I wonder why I've barely saved anything in the past five years I've been in Dubai.

I think UAE Saves Week will give me the kick start I need to start forming a little nest egg for when I finally leave Dubai.

It will of course be no real hardship having naked nails for a month, or even painting my own but visiting the salon is such an enjoyable experience especially when you go with friends so I will miss that. Plus I do enjoy funky designs - check out the pics of my nails for UAE National Day last year.

I doubt I can recreate such colourful designs myself but hopefully by the end of the month my nails will still be in good enough shape to help count up all the dosh I've saved.




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On Sunday, 6 October 2013 at 7:27 p.m.
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