Hi everyone,


i have around 200kusd saved and would like to invest this amount in index funds.  As you may already know investing in the stock market is a full time job altogether.

I also have a Canadian passport and will be returning back in 3 to 5 years


I heard thru some good friends  that the best index funds are from Vanguard.

Based on my age (37 years) and my tolerance to risk (balanced) I was thinking of the following option:

40% US focused vanguard total stock market index fund

40% vaguard total international stock index

20% Vanguard total bond market index


Are these fund available thru HSBC in Dubai

I am asking this question because one financial adviser (HSBC) advised me to invest in Mutual funds.  I felt like the charges were too high 3% initial charge plus 1 to 1.3% yearly charge.  I am also sure some hidden fees will pop up later if i need to re-balance my portfolio.


Any advise would be much appreciated.


Thank you for reading my message.




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Wednesday, 25 September 2013
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