Welcome back to UAE Saves Week – we’re baaack!

And this year, we’re going to be better than ever!

We here at cashy loved sharing our first UAE Saves Week with our community last year. We made goals and pledges together, shared our photographs, became champions and got a little more savings savvy. But our work didn’t end there – we’re back for Round 2, and you can bet we’ve come up with some new and fun ways for you to get involved this year.

We’ve got the day-to-day breakdown below to help you follow along, get involved and share with us here. It has never been more important than RIGHT NOW to start your pledges and make savings happen for you and your family!

So, what are we doing this year?

Savings Sunday

Where it all begins. We start together – first day of the week, first step to a nest-egg to be proud of.

Save today’s wage and commit to Savings Sunday again with us!

Pack Your Lunch Monday

Just Dhs50 a week on store-bought lunches is Dhs2,600 a year wasted on grab-and-go meals you probably don’t even enjoy half the time! Rethink your menu and put that money to better use – pack your lunch every Monday and see how much you save!

Green Tuesday

How often do you think about the world around you? How many times do you leave the lights on when you’re not at home, or when was the last time you looked at downsizing your bills? Your green footprint might just be costing you more than you think! Save energy with us today and conserve your cash.

Wise Up Wednesday

Ever been confused by a bank letter? Or received a charge on your account that you didn’t understand, but didn’t question? These little ‘misunderstandings’ are costing you time and money. It’s time to wise up and wake up—learn where you could be saving yourself a headache—and a hedge fund!

G.O.O.D. Thursday

Once deep in the red, it can seem impossible to find a way out. But rather than looking to ‘quick fix’ loans and credit cards – we want you to commit to Get Out Of Debt – set your goals, reduce your outgoings, only use cash and make your deeds speak louder than words! Commit to a sustainable solution with us!

Frugal Friday

Ever heard that saying ‘money can’t buy you happiness’? We believe it! Forget about the price tag and remember the things that REALLY matter this Friday – Friends, Family and Fun!! Best of all – all of these things come for FREE! Spend quality time rather than spending cash today.

Stick With It Saturday

You’ve come on this journey with us. You’re thinking about your savings, your energy, your plans and goals – now we want you to stick to it! It takes one, tiny, manageable change to form a habit – maybe you keep saving Sunday’s salary. Maybe you keep a ‘lights out after 9’ rule in your house. One pledge can begin a lifetime change – what will YOU do?


We can’t wait to see what YOU do this UAESW, and look forward to sharing our pictures and experiences together. So get involved, get empowered, and GET SAVING!



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