UAE Saves Week: Stick With It Saturday

What Is It?

We’ve made new habits and taken positive, powerful steps towards a better financial life.

So what is the challenge for Saturday? Stick With It, of course!

Stick With It Saturday isn’t just about keeping these theme days going for a couple more weeks until you get bored, or slip up. Did you know a 2007 study of New Year’s resolutions showed that 88% fail?

Why? Vague aspirations (aka ‘resolutions’) don’t work. A ‘concept’ isn’t going to change your life. Forming habits will.

Today, we want you to choose a habit. Choose any one from the past week that made the biggest difference to you. Got it? Now here’s the challenge. Keep it going – forever.

What Can I Do?

We want you to CHOOSE which habit you’re going to start today and keep up with for always!

Write it down, photograph and upload it, take a snap of the UAE Saves Week page and write your habit underneath it – whatever you do, however you show us, upload your pictures to our gallery so that our whole community can get behind you!

You don’t have to tackle everything at once. You don’t have to have a savings account ready now.

The important thing is GETTING STARTED! So what are you waiting for?

Our Ambassador Of The Day

Anita Bhatia

Anita is perhaps the most special UAE Saves Week ambassador because, before we came to know of her story, Anita was just like you. She was confused, in debt, ashamed and bewildered.

After stumbling upon one of our social media sites, Anita reached out and told us her story. We offered her one of our ‘money makeovers’ and… Well, we’ll let her tell you the rest.

Anita is still on her journey to financial empowerment, which is why it is so important that her story is told. Please join us in reading, enjoying and celebrating Anita’s story towards getting debt-free.