UAE Saves Week: Save Your Wage Sunday

What Is It?

Save Your Wage Sunday is about exactly that – committing one day’s pay to savings. 

The most important step we take is the first one, however small. We want to start your working week off as you mean to go on – putting aside a day’s pay and committing to a goal to save money.

Have you ever thought about your savings? How far would the money you’ve saved take you, if you were to lose your job?

It’s time to change. Start saving THIS Sunday, and make it into a habit.

Putting away a tiny Dhs 100 a week leaves you with a nest egg of Dhs 5,200 by the end of the year!

What Can I Do?

It’s simple – we want to see your piggy banks! Make your spare change work for YOU. Yes, we mean those money pots, bowls and even the change tray in your car – take a photograph!

Point, snap and upload to our gallery, saying that you are joining us all in Save Your Wage Sunday and beginning your savings journey today! 

We can’t wait to support you every step of the way.

Check out our Gallery and upload your Save Your Wage Sunday picture NOW!

Our Ambassador Of The Day

Hazel Jackson

We are so excited to welcome Hazel Jackson, CEO of Biz Group, who is the ultimate savings-savvy inspiration! Hazel forced herself to get serious about money with her no-frills envelope-budgeting system – you know, you budget an amount of money every month into an envelope and once it’s gone, it’s gone? Yeah. Budgeting at its most extreme!

From nothing, Hazel built a business that now empowers people in the region through her inspiring training and workshops. We’re so thrilled to have her join us for an up-close and personal profile documenting her money story today.