UAE Saves Week: G.O.O.D Thursday

What Is It?

G.O.O.D Thursday stands for Get Out Of Debt Thursday – and we’re starting NOW.

Did you know that, despite having some of the highest credit card rates in the world, more people than ever are relying on multiple cards to pay off their debts in the UAE?

It’s a slippery slope and a dangerous habit – borrowing and borrowing perpetuates the cycle, and a lot of people find themselves so deep in the red that they can’t find a way out. This is what Get Out Of Debt Thursday is all about – taking the first steps, together.

Set a Goal, reduce your Outgoings, Only use cash, and let your Deeds speak louder than your words!

Remember – to check out these delicious packed lunch recipes too as you reduce money spent on eating out and get out of debt for good!

What Can I Do?

Keep it simple – write down your G.O.O.D goal and take a photo!

Upload it to our gallery, and let our community cheer you on towards achieving your target.

If you’re really brave – take a picture of your credit cards! And doubly brave?

Take a picture of you cutting them in half!

We want to kick those bad habits to the curb and the sooner the better.

It can be as short or long term as you want, just take the first step today and commit with all of us to Get Out Of Debt!

Come along to our spender confessional event and bring some of the stuff you have spent your hard earned cash on but never use - we've all done it!

Our Ambassador Of The Day

Rama Chakaki

Sometimes, you meet a person so inspiring that one telling of their story is not enough.

We’ve profiled the amazing Rama Chakaki on before for our Women In Business week, but as a UAE Saves Week ambassador, Rama has bravely volunteered to open up about earlier years in her life when she faced battling debt just like members of our own community.

During this profile we discuss those hard times with her and examine just how she not only got herself out of debt, but turned a bad situation around and is now flourishing in her life.

A truly inspirational story from a truly amazing woman – we are so excited for you to read this profile!