UAE Saves Week: Wise Up Wednesday

What Is It?

It’s Wise Up Wednesday, and it’s time to get serious about financial education!

Ever open a bank letter and balk because the language looked like gobbledygook? Or read a bank statement and wondered about mystery charges? Today is the day you stop living in the dark!

There is no excuse for not being clued up about your finances – and we are your one-stop shop for getting started.

Empowerment through education is the ONLY way to create good habits that will see your assets grow.


What Can I Do?

We want a picture of any bank letters, statements, bills – anything that you’ve been confused by in the past! Post your pic and your question to our community gallery and let us help you out!

Join us with Rupert Connor at one of our Money Clinics...

We’d LOVE to see pictures of all of you getting clued up and clued in about the best saving accounts and plans for your goals. Get involved and get snapping – we can’t wait to see how you wise up this Wednesday!

And don't forget to pack your lunch with one of these tasty recipes and keep the costs down – this is UAE SAVES Week, after all!

Our Ambassador Of The Day

Rupert Connor

It is our pleasure to profile our very own Rupert Connor as a UAE Saves Week ambassador today.

He might look a familiar face as he’s been a long-time champion and supporter of – maybe you’ve seen his awesome monthly articles on the best ways to invest?

Rupert is a true testament to getting all the knowledge you can about your finances and making informed, empowered money decisions.

We highly suggest you check out some of his articles, and of course, his ambassador profile!